Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ah, Winter. How thou doest test my fortitude, my resolve to remain absolutely bubbly cheerful all the gray days of my life, my meager attempts at sanity.

Who am I kidding?

I have absolutely no resolve to remain bubbly cheerful all the gray days, there are too many of them. Genuinely pleasant, sure. I shall try to remain genuinely pleasant.

What I'd really like to resolve to do is move to London and acquire a wonderful accent, such as the one Emma Thompson has. She has such a lovely voice. And the other day on NPR's Morning Edition I heard some British cook with an equally delicious accent, and I thought: it would be awfully wonderful to be able to speak like that.

The unfortunate thing is that should I attempt to converse with a British accent at the moment, people would think I had lost it, or at least that I was pompous, pretentious, and perhaps mad. I could blame the weather on the mad part. You know, the 'meager attempt at sanity', it could just blow out the window. But any one affecting a British accent must surely be a snob. And I try to avoid being that.

Oh all right.

Sometimes I don't avoid being a snob. I have been rolling my eyes at the ungrammatical use of "prettiest" on the cover of my Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Also, at the Pedialyte advertisement inside. I won't bother to explain why.

Chalk it up to my refined British tastes, and my ability to be genuinely pleasant, even in the face of cold, gray, unpleasing Winter days.

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  1. Not that we run into each other, but I am always up for speaking in a British accent. I should go clean my flat.

  2. British accents are my favorite. Everything sounds better. Maybe if I teach my kinds to whine in a British accent I will enjoy it so much more!

  3. sometimes I secretly fantasize that my husband has a British accent.