Tuesday, January 13, 2009

why things work

"Mom," she said to me in a thoughtful tone, "I know why our remote didn't work at first."

Our television remote had disintegrated into the dust, not from over-use, just by being ancient according to today's technology standards. The t.v. at our house is the one Ben and I bought on a newlywed budget when we married. We had recently aquired a universal remote and it took a little time to get it working.

My daughter continued, "It is because it had to learn to control itself first! And then it could work."

Pretty perceptive for a five year-old, learning to work her own 'internal' remote control.

* * * * *

Actually it would be nice if all of us older than five could learn that little secret, too. Our lives would be much better.


  1. perhaps you could send me the instruction manual that came with that remote. My life is feeling so out of control right now and I'd love to learn how to control myself and the things in my life.