Wednesday, May 6, 2009


And so life tries to return to normal.

After several grueling weeks of staying at work reading papers, writing papers, grading projects, writing papers and writing papers Ben was home on Tuesday, before 2 a.m. He was actually home at lunch time, the class he was teaching over, and the paper he was finishing due at noon and emailed off to the professor.

He brought home a rotisserie chicken and lots of red roses in celebration. Then took the girls to the Bean Museum (which, incidentally is not a museum about beans, it is a museum named after Monte L. Bean) and then cooked dinner while I took Oliver to Old Navy for some flip flops and to Lowes to look at counter tops.

And then horrid, horrid hay fever overtook me and I have not stopped sneezing since. And I am not happy about that. Also the flip flips I purchased for me were a size too small and so I have to return them. And I can't type the word flip flop without thinking of John Kerry. Thanks a lot 2004 Presidential Campaign.

So here I am, trying to be judicious in my use of Kleenex. Both my small one's have colds and are down for "a rest" because the word nap makes them crackle with fear and trepidation. The house is not sparkling clean, but it's adequate. Ben gets home at a good time today. I am going to grab a book of poetry and read it while cursing at the pollen.


  1. I say use ALL the Kleenex - one of the only joys of being sick is to wantonly use up whole boxes of the stuff.

  2. Just to say I caught up on your blog and all the posts were very fun - I would love to see you turn super hero and put those tanned, shirtless young men in their place.