Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't Try To Be Efficient

Last week on Tuesday I looked at the clock and burst into action. It was impressive; Spring in fast forward. Me, bursting, into action. I hopped in the shower, showered in record time, dressed, dressed my baby, dressed my son, got my daughter all gussied up in her dancing clothes, threw everyone into the car and drove like a wild lady to dance class.

I promptly dropped my daughter off and then went to the grocery store for groceries (!) congratulating myself on being so efficient in such a short amount of time. My son loves the carts that are cars. You know, the kids get into the car part and you put your food, etc., in the cart part. Oliver LOVES this. He straps on his invisible seat belt and then takes out his invisible keys from his pocket. He puts the invisible keys into the invisible ignition, pulls the gear shift down so he can Drive, and then he turns the wheel. Only at this point am I allowed to move the cart forward. If I try to do it any earlier Oliver screeches loudly. Because everybody knows that in order to drive a car all of those things must be done.

After this time filling ritual I headed down the first isle when to my horror the time suddenly came to my mind through the clock that is NPR. Meaning, I realized that The Diane Rehm show was still on, and not Radio West which meant that I HAD DROPPED MY DAUGHTER OFF TO DANCE CLASS AN HOUR EARLY.

I ran to the van, pulled the kids out of the car, buckled them in, drove fiercely to the Women's Center where the dance class is held trying to decide if I was feeling mortified about everything. Being mortified is Not my default position. It just isn't worth the energy. I felt some extra color coming to my cheeks as I waited at the stoplight, but it was very faint. Sigh.

I did embarrass my daughter who opted not to stay in the early dance class (taught by the same teacher) and then couldn't bear to return to her actual dance class. But that was that. We all survived. But this Tuesday I am keeping a close eye on the clock. I took a long bath this morning instead of a hurried shower. I have no ambitions other than getting my daughter to dance class any earlier or later than necessary.

I am not on the ball this morning and my world will be better for it.


  1. Laughed out loud. Loved this.

  2. That's hilarious Allysha!

  3. Oh to be in good company! Thanks for sharing!