Monday, May 18, 2009

Small Entomologists

My oldest is off to school. My other children are in the backyard, looking for rolypolys to scoop up and place in a bed of grass in a small plastic wagon.

They did this yesterday morning as well. I wonder if those little bugs know that on most mornings they will be collected, evaluated, held captive for awhile, and then released -if not inadvertently killed- into the wild.

There are apparently criteria for deciding whether the bug is child or adult (size), male or female (color), and probable family relations etc., etc. I do not pretend to understand it all.

I enjoy the running chatter from my small ones as they gently pick up one small roly after another. By the number of bugs collected in any given sitting, I have come to realize that we are most certainly outnumbered by the little bugs so I hope my children do not cause a rebellion among them.

We would be doomed for sure.

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