Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Lists, Some Reasons, And A Super Hero Fantasy

Fertilizer/Weed Killer



Heavy Cream, maybe

* * * * *

My bathroom

My sorry, sorry bedroom

The kitchen

* * * * *

Odd dreams

Sick baby

Morning showing up WAY TOO SOON

* * * * *

Overly demanding 5 year-old

Overly demanding 3 year-old

Sick baby

* * * * *
And the Answers to these Random Lists Are:

What I need to pick up at the store today. What I need to get cleaned today. Why I didn't sleep so well last night. Why I plan on going into Spring hibernation any minute now.

But oh wait. If I hibernate I won't get the other things done.

Curses. Foiled again!

* * * * *

Yesterday while driving up to my parents for Sunday dinner we passed a young man, shirt off, tanned torso, standing around like he knew something. Next to him was a girl. Well, young woman, but oh-so-young-looking, with a rounding belly. Her hands hanging down by her growing stomach and in his hand, a cigarette.

I had a vision in my head of flying over there as fast as I could and knocking that guy to the ground, snatching the offending cigarette from his hand, grounding it into the concrete and growling "hey, NO SMOKING IN FRONT OF PREGNANT WOMEN." And then flying off leaving him shaken and changed for life.

It would be nice sometimes to be a super hero.


  1. Perhaps Christian could film a "Supermom" series. This could be the lead installment

  2. I could totally see Granmother cheering you on on this one!