Monday, November 27, 2006

allysha 101

In the spirit of something I've read out there in the blogosphere about reaching your 100th post, and with the narcissism blogging affords us, I give you this: my 101st post (since yesterday was my 100th) with 101 things about me (everything you've always wanted to know...)

1. I prefer odd numbers to even.
2. Which is why I am doing this on my 101st post.
3. I like baths with or w/out bubbles.
4. I am the oldest of 11 kids.
5. That's 6 sisters,
6. and 4 brothers.
7. I am a BYU football fan, even when we don't do well.
8. I am an eternal optimist of goodness and morality
9. Which may explain why I'm disappointed when "Hollywood" couples break up.
10. I guess I am an idealist, but I'm a practical idealist.
11. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
12. W.S. Merwin is my favorite poet.
13. Occassionally I make the attempt to write poems myself.
14. The health care situtation in our country angers me.
15. I'd like to help start a non-profit org someday.
16. I have a gift of perspective.
17. But when I want to feel frustrated about something, it doesn't always seem like a nice gift.
18. On Thanksgiving I try to make a list of all my blessings.
19. Some of those things include good pens & paper.
20. I didn't get around to it this year.
21. I'm a sucker for nice blank notebooks.
22. I have a blank moleskine sitting in my drawer.
23. I don't know what to write in it.
24. Fall is my favorite season.
25. I love Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor.
26. I own 6 seasons of The West Wing.
27. And I'm embarrassed by it.
28. Jane Austen is a favorite author.
29. Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury is a must read.
30. For awhile I majored in Modern Dance at BYU
31. My favorite ballet is Swan Lake.
32. Two works of art that have literally overwhelmed me when I saw them are:
33. St. Peter's Basilica and Michelangelo's Moses.
34. Some day I will blog about Moses.
35. In my small travels I have learned that Paris is old
36. but Rome is ancient.
37. I'd like to be an ex-pat for awhile.
38. I like Irish accents.
39. When Ben & I were first married we'd talk in accents
40. or sing like we were living in a small operetta.
41. Is that odd?
42. I love words.
43. And forming complicated sentences. (Yes, sigh. I also like to diagram sentences.)
44. I'd like to get a Masters Degree someday
45. in writing,
46. or art,
47. or more generally, Humanities.
48. I think Ophelia had too many obnoxious men in her life.
49. I am always making plans to get back to Paris and Rome.
50. Someday it will happen.
51. I'm a White, for you color-code personality types.
52. I have one yellow trait and it's negative.
53. Most of my in-laws have tons of yellow, but we still like eachother.
54. According to the IQ test on I am a "Visionary Philosopher."
55. So is Ben.
56. It took him about 1/4 of the time for him to complete the test.
57. I'm two years older than Ben.
58. I don't watch T.V.
59. Ben once refered to our movie collection as "puritan."
60. And it is.
61. Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" rips my heart out.
62. I love the trees in New York.
63. But sometimes they make me feel claustrophobic.
64. I am not a naturally good mother
65. but my kids are teaching me.
66. I took up painting a few years ago,
67. but these days I don't get to it very often.
68. I changed a dresser into a a desk (you know, saw, sander, paint, etc.)
69. Chris Botti's Christmas album December is superb.
70. I played the flute for 3 years in Jr. High.
71. I can still remember the B flat scale.
72. Boy am I glad not to be in Jr. High anymore.
73. I don't really like "traditional birthday cake"
74. unless it's white cake w/ chocolate frosting.
75. I don't really like to cook,
76. although I'm not horrible at it.
77. I have issues with Disney movies.
78. My prefered dressing is ranch,
79. unless there's a caesar salad around.
80. I boycott certain brands, stores, and products
81. on matters of principle.
82. Desserts with caramel and hot fudge are the best.
83. I like to organize,
84. though I'm not terribly brilliant at it.
85. I'm a good editor.
86. I like to play the piano,
87. but am a horrid accompanyist.
88. Politics interest me,
89. but I would never run for office.
90. I can listen to the same song over and over
91. if it's a good song.
92. And So It Goes by Billy Joel is one of those songs.
93. I can be lazy
94. and unmotivated.
95. And I often am.
96. I like cats.
97. I realize more and more that I am not too fond of dogs.
98. I have Merriam-Webster bookmarked
99. so that I can quickly double check my spelling on words like "realize."
100. I really am unbelievably blessed.
101. And I thank you for reading my silly blog.


  1. This is a work of art. Seriously. What a delightful person/writer you are.

    I can agree with so many of these. Barber's Adagio rips my heart out too. And Billy's "And so it goes" is one of my favorites (the version by the King's Singers also gives me the chills). My throat is still sore from yelling at the end of BYU's game on Saturday. And I could go on, but this is your post not mine. I can't wait until my 101st. And I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say about Michelangelo's Moses. Don't forget.

  2. This is my favorite of all your posts, Allysha. I feel like I know you so much better. And we have quite a few things in common that I didn't know about. Did I mention that this was my favorite post?

  3. Very interesting list! I love reading these!!

    I have a couple things in common with you... numbers 16, 17 and 21 on your list could have been written by me. And I can also listen to any of my favorite songs over and over again, without getting tired of them

  4. loved your list!

  5. I'd love to comment on each one of your items, I agree with so many but I'll have to say "get busy on that Moses post" and "I love Jane Austen too." Haven't read much Merwin though, I'll have to google him.

  6. I loved your post as well Allysha. I learned some new things about you and I gave birth to you and lived with you for lots of years! I wonder what you will find out about Madeleine when she is 31? I'd choose you for a best friend even if you weren't my daughter. Love ya!

  7. Hey, thanks guys. It's nice to get nice responses about, well, me! Lists like this are so funny, because where does the list end and the real person begin? It's fun to see what people respond to.

  8. Allysha,

    I miss you...and as exciting as it is to have you in New York, I will be excited for the day when I can show up at your house again, crying my eyes out, and drink some hot chocolate.

  9. I love reading these! They are the first post I look for when stumbling onto a blog for the first time. Helps me know if I'm going to stick around to read more.

    I'm going to read more...just so you know. :)

  10. Have we met before?
    Because if so, I'm sure (at least I hope) we'd be fast friends.

    I gave my a good chunk of my heart away to Samuel Barber my first year in college.

    Perhaps the fact that you are the 1st of 11 children makes you more incline to odd numbers?

    Symphony#40 in G minor is on my iPod.

    I think it's wonderful that you and your husband spoke in accents and song. I hope you still do!

    I'm off to look up this poet you are so fond of.

    I really enjoyed reading this post, which must mean you are a very interesting person. :)