Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a bedtime drama

I put my girls down to bed in what could be called a rather ungraceful manner. Things were okay initially, but then the 2 year-old started screaming about the kind of sippy cup she wanted which apparently needed to coordinate with the story book she wanted me to read. My girls trade-off with choosing either the color of the sippy cup or the bedtime CD. So while one child thrashed around on the floor in alarming display, the other one tried to work it all to her advantage and claim that she should get to choose the CD as well as the sippy cup color which didn't play well with the mother or the younger sister.

We got through it. I turned on the music, Peter and the Wolf was the evening selection, shut the door and went down stairs only to hear a few moments later some shrieking and yelling upstairs. I waited a few minutes and then went back up, feeling guilty because my bad mood had obviously worn off on them and now they were taking it out on each other. But actually (thankfully/gratefully/ laughingly?) they were acting out the CD. One of them was standing on the end of her bed doing the shrieking and the screaming and then I heard their conversation (program note -it helps to be familiar with the story of Peter and the Wolf in order to understand the following:)

- help! help!
-are you the duck?
-yes, I am the duck

-did you just get eaten?
-yes, I did! (more screaming).

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