Tuesday, August 29, 2006

wanna dance?

I feel like I'm confessing something tucked away far in my past here, but my junior year in high school, I was on the drill team. You know, precision dance? sparkly sequined spandex? football half-time entertainment? That was me. I loved it. Seriously. (Of course the next year I abandonned the sparkle to move on to the greener pastures and more trendy club of cheerleading, a semi-sorry story in and of itself, but still) I was one of those dancer girls.

So last year at this time while Ben was driving cross country to meet the moving truck in NY, I was at my parents house hanging out with my sisters. We entertained ourselves by watching silly music videos on the internet and then trying to imitate them. Someone came across this one by OKgo! and it transported me back to a simpler place and time. Not really. Who ever says high school was more simple is probably lying or at least blocking some memories from their consciousness, but at the very least, if I had had my sequins laying around, I would have put them on.

More fun with OKgo! on treadmills here!

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  1. Ah the memories...we sure had some fun and there is a certain thrill to performing in front of a crowd during halftime at the football game.