Friday, August 11, 2006

iron will

We're having a standoff in my house right this very instant.

The issue? What else would the issue be at 9:51 p.m. on a Friday night for the two year-old but bedtime? Tonight she has pulled out all the stops; she was hungry, she would have been thirsty but she had a sippy cup full of water with her, she had to go to the potty. This last one I usually give into because we are potty-training and I like to encourage, you know, going potty. I said okay, but that there were no potty treats left for the day. Well, she came down and went "wet" and then back to bed. But she wasn't done. Ohhhhhohoho Noooo.

She climbed in bed, I tucked her in and then she said that, oh yeah, she "forgot to wipe." Which was not true. She forgot to flush, yes. But the toilet paper was in the toilet.
I would have laughed at her, but I am about ready for bed myself, and so not really in the mood to be humored by her diversions. As of this moment I think she is on my bed. I fervently hope that she has fallen asleep, bored from following me around and watching me picking up and putting things away. I have tried to make it as boring as possible for her. We'll see who wins this round.

Okay, who am I kidding? She has won because she is still downstairs. I will carry her upstairs and go to bed. And if she doesn't come down any more tonight, then I will have won, too.


  1. I think if she falls asleep in the bed and you carry her to her room, it's a stalemate: you'll be playing again tomorrow. I'm sorry. Really.

  2. Don't be too sorry. It wasn't that bad!