Sunday, August 20, 2006

one hundred ears

We read a few books, turned off the lights and then it was time for prayers. I went to help the younger one while her sister voiced her own thanks and requests. We all finished about the same time but as I tucked them into bed my daughter was upset that I had prayed at the same time she had, so Heavenly Father hadn't been able to hear her prayers. We've explained this to her before, but I reminded her that Heavenly Father can hear all of the prayers said to him and that he had heard both prayers. She pondered this for a moment and then said, "So does Heavenly Father have, like, a hundred ears?"


  1. If she were a little older, she would have asked, "Does he use a TiVo?" (I think he might.)

  2. I hope he has many more than a hundred. Very funny on the TiVo, Ben.