Tuesday, August 8, 2006

oh, the indecision

I'm painting. Right now it's my bedroom. Ben is out of town working and so I am painting my bedroom. In my family that is the tradition. The husband leaves, and the wife gets out her palette and brushes and power tools. Yes, also in my family, it's the women who want and own the power tools.

If you've ever watched any of those design shows on cable, you know that paint is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to freshen things up and make a change. IF you know what color of paint you want. I want a warm white. How many different versions can there be? How many, indeed. More than you ever want to know. I've had paint chips taped to my walls for days. I've bought the small samples and applied them. The analysis....too yellow, too gray, too green, too pink... and yet, it is a version of WHITE. And once on the walls it will be rather, well, white!

Since my early days I have been plagued by indecision. Take picking out some make-up, for example. I have literally stood looking at different blushes and eyeshadows, lip pencils etc., for hours. No kidding. You can ask my sister who was there, sitting on the floor and sort of sighing pathetically everytime I turned to ask for an opinion. It's the little things that make the difference, folks! The devil is in the details! I am very color sensitive. Picky may be another word for it, but whatever.

Paint is sort of mysterious and enigmatic. Choosing paint also falls into these categories. You are given millions of colors, hues, and tints to choose from. You choose a color you like, but that really does not tell you what it's going to look like en masse, what it's going to do to your environment.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and went with Colonial White. Which was the wrong choice. A little too grayed and green. Now I'm thinking Cream Puff or Edelweiss. And I'm leaning toward the latter because I've always been a fan of The Sound of Music. But as "cheap" as paint is, I really am on a limited budget. So wish me luck on getting the right color this time!

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