Tuesday, August 1, 2006

julia child, I am not

According to my 4 year-old, dinner tonight was delicious! It consisted of steamed frozen corn and broccoli, some small red potatoes boiled in the microwave, tomato slices and ranch dressing. Some yogurt on the side.

It hit around 100 degrees here today and there is some humidity which is supposed to increase like crazy tonight. Our air-conditioners are working fine and we avoided going outside. And I was not going to bake or cook anything that required more than 8 minutes use of an appliance that can double as a radiator.

So, lucky me! It was simple (I am all about simple, simple, simple meals), it was healthy (there wasn't too much ranch on those veggies), the girls ate it, and the kitchen is cooling down nicely. Lemonade, anyone?

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