Saturday, August 12, 2006

saturday miscellany

It is a beautiful day here in Westchester. Really lovely, with a hint, just a teeny touch, of a reminder that Fall is on it's way. Ah. I love Fall the best of all! And this is what is nice about New York. In the West I always consider August the boiling point, but out here, apparently that is not the case. So although we have had some pretty yucky weather the past few weeks, I think that this week has made up for it and I repent about what I said about the month of August (except for the vacation part), for today anyway.

We are waiting for the carpeter to come. Not the carpenter but the guy who lays carpets. Our landlady is thankfully replacing the carpet on our stairs, which is a huge blessing because I think that carpet has been there since about 1957. Also it's pink. My girls want to know what the carpeter will look like. Just like a regular person, I think. Has anyone out there had experience with non-personed carpeters? Just wondering.

I have been bleaching things like a maniac today! My whites while doing laundry, the girls squeezy bath toys (because they get kind of slimy on the inside in this more humid climate), some sippy cup parts (as good as new!), a rug, the grout in my shower, and inadvertently, a few small spashes on my pants. Whoops! I changed into my around the house pants after that, but small damage already done. For me that is an inevitable part of dealing with bleach, however. I forget that bleach can really bleach and I have a few articles of clothing that subtly bear the mark of this truth.

The carpeters are here! And they look normal to me!

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