Tuesday, December 26, 2006

and on to the next

Well, it's the day after Christmas, and back to normal life. The house is surprisingly clean from the festivities of yesterday. Meals were hodge-podge and kept minimal (thanks to a stealthy stomach bug that attacked Ben and me a day or two ago, and the chocolate that filled the Christmas stockings). And the toys, though they have yet to find a place of their very own, have made it upstairs to the play area, at least.

The gifts that were given were well received. Santa made it to our house fine. My oldest was worried I wouldn't get to bed in time for him to bring my presents. As she was safely in bed, her concern was no longer for herself. I got the dishes done in time, however, for Santa to deposit a new blender in front of my stocking. Thanks, Santa! I have been slowly killing my other one making fruit smoothies and it wasn't going to last much longer.

The girls wound themselves up, tired themselves out, and were a little sugar-rushed, so that the scripture reading in the evening to cap off the day was probably not as spirit-filled and meaningful and it could have been, but
it was a good, peaceful Christmas Day.

So now I'm thinking through some possible resolutions, deciding which cleaning and organization projects to tackle (I think the Mary Poppins closet could use some help- you may be able to guess what a versatile storage place it is by the name), deciding when the tree needs to come down (it's getting pretty dry) and am, all in all, in awe that this year is spinning its way out already.

Ben and baby are still asleep. Girls are upstairs playing, sort of quietly. I am going to sit beside the tree with the lights on, drink some wassail, and prepare for the new day.

Also, Happy Boxing Day.

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  1. For years my Mum has had a bag we call her "Mary Poppins Bag" - I'd never thought of extending the principle to a whole closet ... but I'm pretty sure Rebekah has one in her room.