Friday, December 29, 2006

the year in review

As is usually the tradition, this year of 2006 started out with January and ended with December, with all the other months seeming to come in their places and right on time. Although the spring months are a little bit blurry on account of having a baby, so if your May came before April, let me know. It's been known to happen. But here you go, a brief run-down of the exciting, or not-so-exciting events at our house.

January- Child #2 seems to be getting over her alarming habit of pulling out her hair. I know you think your kids make you, as a parent, do this, but she literally did. It was a little tragic, as she was the child actually born with a lot of lovely blond fluff. But alas, she apparently felt the need to try and even out the score. With a newly bobbed head of hair she turned her attention to picking at her nails. They continue to this day to look awful. But as far as evidence of neurosis go, I will take biting one's nails over getting rid of one's hair a few strands at a time.

February-It's not as cold or as snowy as New York winters are predicted to be. We got one huge dump. And that actually may have been in January. Ben was deep into his second semester and I was starting to count the days to my delivery.

March- On the 29th baby boy, child #3, is born. I had no epidural. No pain relieving drugs of any kind. Just a faucet that started spewing dirt into my bathtub at the hospital. And so if anything else happened in March, they pale in comparison and will not be mentioned.

April- I don't remember. See March for explanation.

May- In a move applauded by the pediatrician and my midwives, I abandon my husband and two daughters for Mother's Day weekend and take the baby to Utah where he can meet his aunts, uncles, Grandpa, and get reaquainted with his Nana. It was a surprise and my mom screamed when I came up the stairs. Very worthwhile trip, aided by my allergy medication, since discarded because of it's overwhelming effectiveness, which kept the babe sleeping like a dream on both plane rides.

June- Hmmm. I am sure something happened in June.

July- My sister, Natalie, comes out to play nanny and do some babysitting with eastcoast rates to earn money for college for a few months. Also, after months of being a faithful DYM reader, and starting to explore the world of blogging, I decide to hop in and try it out. On July 13th, Bells on their Toes opened to critical acclaim, a Golden Globe nomination, and quickly became a finalist for the Pulitzer. Okay, not really, but that could have been fun.

August- Ben goes to Utah for three weeks for a job, so Natalie and I paint a large portion of the house. Pluto gets reassigned.

Back to a schedule: School starts again for Ben; child #1 starts pre-school. Pirates give me a chance to re-evaluate the condition of motherhood.

October- The baby rolls off the bed and breaks his leg, causing us to reflect on the perils of childhood and the, um, not-too-awesome health care system we get to participate in, being on student insurance.

November- Baby's cast is off and baby is off himself, to the races that is, figuring out crawling as soon as he possibily can and seems to catch right back up after his little detour to mobility. We are Thankful.

December- The weather is mild. Ben sprints to the finish-line writing hundreds of pages of stuff, which include his thesis (all done)! Hooray! The holiday cheer is in full-force, despite no snow, and Santa's elves send us a few little extras that make our day, and probably our year, thus making a tally of the year-end review unnecessary. We can unquivocally say, it's been a good year, Charlie Brown.


  1. I love the month by month breakdown. Due to the fact that I am actually a 14 year old boy dressed as a mom, my favorite sentence is "We got one huge dump." I know it refers to snow, but still...

    Has it snowed yet this season?

  2. Sounds like you had quite the busy year. I like reading other peoples year in reviews because I feel like I get to know them better!

    Here's to a great 2007!

    P.S. My husband is also in school right now and we have no idea where we will be heading when he is done. We will just have to wait and see :) !!