Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm dreaming...

It's still evading me. Last week, the one week where it was freezing cold (or below), the one week we've had this December where Mother Nature could have very easily and very practically (no magic required) sprinkled on us a little bit of Christmas cheer, she chose not to. Instead she sent us the moisture this week when the temperatures have climbed back up to the, yes, 50's. I guess I should ask, is practicality really a specialty of Mother Nature? Not this year, I guess. Rain is forcasted for the 23rd. It's giving me a chance to spray paint my kitchen chairs, but I would rather have the white stuff. It makes everything look pretty and sends New York drivers into a panic. And that's all kind of fun. (And nobody bring up the arguement that letting me paint my chairs outside is in fact more practical. I'm talking White Christmas practical here, not home improvement practical.)

Please, pretty please, in the words of a well-known song, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It may be, however, that this year the only snow I'm going to get will be in my dreams. And then probably again in May.

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