Saturday, December 16, 2006

maybe we've been away too long

I just got off the phone with my grandparents. Both have taken falls lately and broken and bruised various bones. When I asked my grandma how she was feeling she said philosophically "Well, when you get to be ninety, you have some days when something isn't working quite right. Just wait till you get to be ninety!" One thing my grandma will never loose is her sense of humor. I haven't seen my grandparents since May when I flew home for Mother's Day and it's been quite a bit longer since my girls have seen them. They live in Denver, which is easily driven to from Utah, but not from New York.

I don't expect my kids to have a particularly close relationship with their great-grandparents. The age gap is rather substantial, of course (I had one great-grandma that I knew pretty well, but that was all, and I saw her on a fairly regular basis) but I do want my kids to know about them, know who they are and have some connection with them. After I hung up the phone I told the girls that Grandma and Grandpa said thank you for the card they decorated and sent. My oldest asked a few questions and then said, "Do they speak English?"
"Yes." I answered. "What else would they speak?"
"So they live in America?"

Oh. Sometimes I think it's time to go home.

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