Thursday, December 7, 2006

weather report

It's kind of amazing that these days we can turn on the computer, go to a website, type in our zip code and presto! the weather report for our town. It's easy, handy, not always right (what weather report ever has been), and I use it all the time. But I think it's time to bump technology up a notch.

I want a weather report for my kids. It would really help me out. I'd get up in the morning, type in their names and get a read-out something like this:

Fair to partly cloudy in the morning with a chance of whining, clearing up by the afternoon. Sunny smiles
with minor scattered squabbling until bedtime when a little poutiness will blow in, but an early bedtime with a story will take care of that!


Watch out today, folks! We have a possible storm brewing on the horizon due to a late bedtime last night and it doesn't look pretty. Take the necessary precautions and don't forget to put on your patience if you decide to undertake any project more difficult than say, getting dressed. Things may be aggravated by some sibling rivalry and jealousy, but could be averted if some kindly words, love, and cookies blow in ahead of the cold front.

See how useful this would be? Actually it would be handy to check anybody's mood, and I'm sure my kids would love a weather report for me as well. Heck, I'd be happy to have a weather report for myself (it could be a tricky day, with some hormones rolling in. Chocolate should remedy any urge to cry or scream...). So someone out there, more advanced than I, get to work. I'll let you try it out on my kids and we'll split the profits 50/50. Deal?


  1. wow that would work on my hubby too!

  2. lovely entry - just lovely. so....when are we going to watch Little Women? :) maybe when it snows - oh - wait.....

  3. You're brilliant. Can I have a new Weather Channel for my kids too? 24/7 broadcasts of the highlights from last year's storms and future trends?

  4. I could use the hour-by-hour reports.
    4pm: strong chance of drawing with marker at foot of stairs.
    5pm: calm.
    6pm: likely to push christmas tree over; 20% chance of that tree landing on the baby.

    Plus every hour has eyeball humidity (usually around 90%).

  5. What a classic idea! I love it! Now if only we could make it work - I would even be happy if it worked 30% of the time just like the real weather report : ) !!

  6. You are going to become a gajillionaire with this technology. Would you predict my kids for free?