Monday, December 4, 2006

do I smell funny or something?

You can always tell when you're being avoided. You know, you get promises for them to come over, to call you sometime soon, that they'd really really love to talk again. But then- nothing. And if you happen to run into them briefly, they sort of look sideways, wave quickly, and become more deeply engaged in pondering the lemons they are picking out in the produce section of your grocery store.

Well, I'm being avoided. By the first dang snowfall of the season. It has said it's coming. We've been anticipating it all weekend. Even yesterday afternoon when I checked the weather report, instead of snow and rain, it just said snow! And I thought, ah, for sure winter is on it's way! And I was happy. But then, later that evening when I checked in, just to make sure I knew the time of arrival for my guest, just so I could have the scarves and gloves ready to go, the snow had vanished from the radar. It was gone! Leaving a only few whispy clouds in its wake. It's not even showing up on the 10 day forcast.

So, maybe there was a family emergency, or something came up at work and so the snow had to take a little detour to the North or something. I understand that things come up. But come on. It's December for crying' out loud. Anyway, I'm going to brush my teeth really well, and send a little message out; come on, snow! We're waiting for you. And if not, could you at least drop a line to let me know that it's you, and not me? Thank you. If you can't come and dump three or four inches around my house, then a little common courtesy is all I ask for.


  1. sorry for your loss, hopefully you'll work things out soon enough.

  2. We want it to snow, too.