Wednesday, December 20, 2006

every step I take

Blogger beta is after me! At every turn I'm getting little notes and hints and encouragements to sign in with my Google account. But I'm not to be fooled. I'ver read about those bugs. Hey, I like Google and all. I like my Gmail account, which I mostly use for transactions that could lead to spam and stuff. I like that I got $10 of when I used their special we-want-to-be-your-next-paypal when I bought some Christmas gifts online. But I'm not too jazzed about having my Google log-in my universal "Allysha is HERE!" card. And I'm just not ready to beta-up. So there, computer master-minds. Go away and come back next year, when I have time to think about you a little more.

So, do you think that Google is trying to take over the world? Sometimes I wonder.

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