Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, it's here. The snow. Not a lot, but enough that at 7:38 in the morning the girls are rushing around frantically pulling out snowboots and winter coats for the entire 1/2 inch that has coated the ground.

Yesterday afternoon we got our first flurries. I congratulated myself on suggesting that they just look out the window for awhile because it didn't last very long. I thought, yes, it is a wise mother who knows that the time taken to get the kids dressed for the outside will be equal to or greater than the amount of time there is actually snow falling through the sky and then melting on the ground.

And then I thought, as I looked at my 3 year-old, just running around in her underwear, that it's a wise mother who has her children actually dressed, and thus could be prepared for such events as the first snowfall. But oh well. They are out this morning. Enjoying the first little skiff of white, even if it's not enough to make snowmen, or snow balls, but maybe a few sad looking snow angels.

For me, the first snow coming after Christmas has been sort of anti-climatic. I would have been fine at this point if it just didn't snow for the rest of the year. But the girls' excitement is getting to me. The first snow is magical and fun. Although not so much when it's being announced loudly at 5 a.m. by the same three year-old who hates to get dressed. But, hey! It snowed! It actually snowed! And it's only the 19th of January. Amazing.


  1. My four year old keeps asking when spring is coming, I keep telling her that it's a long way off.

  2. I'm really glad you got snow but I must say that keeping your kids clothed is totally overrated.