Monday, January 8, 2007

in the wee small hours

The last few nights of normally blissful slumber have been interupted by our little guy who is a bit feverish. He wakes up crying, very warm to the touch, gets some tylenol, a bottle, and then cheers right up. At least long enough to be happy crawling all over his parents' faces for a few minutes before melting back into an "I'm not feeling very good" mode. Neither of these conditions is helpful for us to get any sleep. Ben has a cold that I am trying not to get, everyone is a little run down, and in this state, sleep deprivation can be a problem.

One of the more surreal moments of this experience was early this morning when the baby really wasn't feeling good and was having a hard time going to sleep. He was not happy and he was letting us know. Ben pulled him over and started to sing "Hush, little baby", at which point said babe stopped fussing, let out a little noise that sounded like a "yay!" and then clapped his little hands, after which he settled down and went to sleep.

Nothing like a soothing night time performance by your scratchy-voiced father to ease your fever and calm your soul. Sweet dreams!

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  1. I'm sorry he's sick. It must be going around. We've had the same thing at our place with both kids. I think it's so sweet to watch my husband put Fritz on his chest and calm him to sleep.