Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's coming after me

The current dreaded family affliction. The one that has managed to hang on to Ben, the man who usually can beat a cold down flat at the onset with a gallon of orange juice. The one that has made my children extra grumpy, but not tired enough to nap or get the extra rest they could OBVIOUSLY use. The one that has my little guy completely congested and has given him a fever for the past three days (he slept, however, hallelujah). This horrid curse is finding it's way in. It's making it hard to breathe at night and giving me a jolly sore throat to wake up to in the morning. My muscles are getting a little achy.

Sometimes I have this happy family fantasy that when we're all feeling sick like this everyone will curl up happily on the couch with some books, or maybe fall asleep watching a movie together. Except that I would have to be the one reading and when I'm sick it's not an activity I easily spend hours doing. Also, the only one who will fall asleep to the movie will be me, and that's probably detrimental to the rest of the household.

In otherwords, I'm waiting for my family to all be sick together in about 10 years when all my kids will want to do when they're at home anyway is lay around watching movies and reading books and sleeping. And by that time I guessing the novelty will be worn off.

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  1. oh no, i hope it doesn't last long. being sick is the WORST! i hop you feel better soon.