Wednesday, February 21, 2007

it's wednesday

Normally considered the pinnacle of the week's work and then you get to head down hill towards the weekend...well, maybe not the pinnacle, but at least the half-way point. Our half-way point this week is the beginning. Coming up we have:

two birthdays (daughter's, Fri. mine, Sun.)
a formal birthday party (not mine)
a not-so-formal family birthday party (not mine)
a sort of non-existent family b-day party due to other events (um, prob. mine)
two birthday cakes to make
cupcakes, as well
two trips to the airport bookending ...
a visit from a Grandma (Ben's mom)
a trip to see Les Miserables!!! on Saturday night (this is part of those 'other events' - I also claim it as mine)
some activities and events that will require some housecleaning (see above)
particularly the bathroom
a trip to the laundromat
weekly pilgrimage to Costco

So mostly pretty fun stuff. But I'm afraid when Sunday morning comes along you will find me in bed, totally kaput. (Is that how you spell kaput? I don't know.)


  1. I'm making you a birthday cake. What kind do you want? Oh! I just remembered what kind you like. Expect it sometime on Sunday afternoon.

  2. Sound like you'll be having so much fun!
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. happy birthday! do you really go to costco every week? what do you buy? i don't mean to be personal, but I can't seem to go into one of those places without a bunch of stuff that i don't need. please share your tips