Tuesday, February 20, 2007

never been much of a reveler myself

I was reminded that today is Mardi Gras- literally, "Fat Tuesday", for those of you who aren't French buffs or something. I'm not much for the big ol' parties they throw, not only in New Orleans, but around the world. I will tell you, in good staunch religious tradition, that I think there is some not-so-great-stuff that goes on during those crazy parties that I'm not too keen to be apart of. And isn't glutony one of the seven deadlies? Uh-huh.

Okay, well, I will eat plenty of Cadbury mini eggs today. But I think I would do that even if it wasn't Fat Tuesday.

Really, the only significance of Mardi Gras for me personally is that when I was in France my birthday fell on Ash Wednedsay, which is the day after "Fat Tuesday." Ash Wednesday is the holiday that actually makes it onto your calendar. A friend had me come to Mass that night and everyone went up to the front at one point and got ashes smeared across their foreheads. I didn't, as I am not Catholic and was a Mormon missionary at the time, and well, as I still am Mormon and not Catholic, I probably wouldn't get any ashes smeared on me anyway. But it had been a nice birthday. I bought myself a new green coat that I liked very much. And a bunch of junk food. We were doing missionary work on Mardi Gras, but Wednesday was our day off and I took advantage of that. And my friend, who was a spunky old French lady, got a real kick introducing her Mormon missionaries to people in the congregation.

So you know. There is my story about how my life really has no relation to Mardi Gras, except it's French name. Still, if you'd like a mini egg, stop by. I'll toss you one.


  1. How about two or three?

    I always think of going on a diet like Mardi Gras. Eat as much junk today as I can because tomorrow I'm going on a diet. I have to do that at least twice a week.

  2. Happy upcoming/belated birthday ... depending on how it works with Ash Wednesday this year :)!!

    Mini Cadbury eggs seem to be the bane of many bloggers existence right now. I might just have to try them ... or not. I might become addicted like everyone else!

  3. Ord. mom: are you kidding me? You have never tried these things? They are addictive. Fortunately they are only in stores for a limited time. But they always wreak havoc on my prep-for-summer diet. Still, I think they're worth it.

    Lindsey: Yeah. I need to come down from a sugarhigh myself. Tomorrow may just be a good day to try and do that...

  4. One???? What kind of sick joke is that. No one can stop at just one. Do you still have the coat?

  5. Well, Kathryn, I think I had the coat until we moved to NY. Then it went to DI with a lot of other things I hadn't worn or used for awhile. But I have some splendid pictures of it. They are in storage in my sister's basement, though.

    Also, I could probably give out more than one. Yes. It was a sick joke. If you come by, I'll give you three.

  6. Eveyone's into those Cadbury things. I'm afraid my palette is less refined and they remind me of real runny yokes. Can't do it.

    But I'm glad to know there are good people like you helping to keep Cadbury solvent with your love of the eggs :)

  7. You know I would love to drop by for a few mini eggs. I haven't bought any yet for fear of eating the whole bag, but I did see a new "dark chocolate" version at Wal-Mart the other day and am anxious to try them.