Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Van Gogh, Vivaldi, and Vince Garibaldi

I teach preschool again tomorrow. We are learning about the letter "V". I sat in a chair last night wondering what in the heck I could do with the letter v that would keep 9 kids entertained for 2 1/2 hours. Let's see...volcanoes, valentines, vans, violets... and then my humanities classes started to pass before my eyes, but I don't think the four year-olds are up for it. Maybe next year.


  1. what about viola, veloce, viva, via, vivere.... ;-) juz kidding...I just think it could be fun for them to learn a bit of italian for fun!! Good luck!

  2. Oh, I think they would have loved it. Why not expose them to high culture from the start? Actually when I was homeschooling my kids full time, we did a big Van Gogh project. We made sunflower paintings and studied Starry Night. It was great. (I just conveniently forgot to tell them how Vincent died. They don't need to know that part).