Monday, February 26, 2007

regular programming will resume shortly

I was right. We had a great weekend filled with little girl birthday enthusiasm, and grandma in town, and broadway musicals. But by the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, along with the ever lingering cold, it had caught up with me. And then it proceeded to roll over me. Last night I sat in the kitchen contemplating the sorry state of my mood and starting off this next year of my life as a grump and felt bad about it. If it were just my fatigue I think I could deal with it more gracefully, but as it is, my kids go crazy if they don't get their sleep, and they didn't this weekend so today may be a challenge. In any case, my daughter has just called me a "pie" and a "pumpkin" for reprimanding her for beheading her sister's flower. It seems there are two options before me today: Hysterically funny, or just hysterical. I'm game for the first. Let's hope everyone else is, too.

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  1. Hope you'll feel better soon - I go through what you're going through every weekend....;-)