Wednesday, February 7, 2007

let's sing it again

Another birthday post. This one is a little harder to write because I'm not sure where to start. I guess I should begin by saying it's Ben's birthday. And not just any Ben, mind you, but my Ben. It's probably some other Ben's birthday today, too and I hope he has a good one, but this post is for my own Benjamin.

But I am still not sure where to begin. I could praise him for being a fabulous husband who does the dishes in the morning before he heads out to work, even on his birthday. But that's kind of an anniversary post. Or I could tell you what an amazing father he is and include all of the trips with the girls to the library and the number of pages he has read to any given child on any given day, except I really don't know because it became impossible to keep count long ago. And I need to save that for Father's day. Valentine's day, being just a week away could be reserved for all of the sweet things he does for me like sending me postcards in the mail, or buying me some random books to help me pass the time when I'm so ready to have that baby, but the baby isn't quite ready to come. But really, since it's his birthday, I should just tell you a little about him.

Ben is brilliant. He is always learning, thinking, thinking, learning. It was something I noticed when we first met and I loved that about him. He was (and is) a stimulating person to be around and I love talking with him about any number of things. Ben serves. It used to kind of annoy me, when, at the end of church instead of being able to go home, I had to stand around while he helped put away the folding chairs. I soon realized that this trait is not to be grumbled at, but embraced. Ben will help you if he can. And if he can't he will try to find a way anyway. Ben's ambitions have little to do with himself or his own aggrandizement. He doesn't seek out the praise of the world. He has no desire or need to be the richest kid on the block. He wants to be a good person and to take care of those he loves. And I have to say, he does a pretty good job at that.

In any case, I could go on and on, but it might become a little nausea inducing for those of you who aren't me, his mom, or my mom. Yes, in all honesty, I think if my mom had to choose between Ben and me, it would take her awhile to decide, and most of my merits would have to do with biological attachment. I mean, Ben does the dishes at her house too, so you can see why.

But have no fear, as you read above, I have plenty of upcoming opportunities to write about my amazing man. In any case, if you feel so inclined you can leave a birthday wish and/or message for Ben, or just tell me how lucky I am. And even if you don't, I already know.

Happy Birthday, Ben.


  1. Ben is great. We think so. Fred says, "Ben is brilliant. It's amazing the way his mind works. He thinks on a higher level than the average person." And he's a nice guy, too.

    Happy Birthday, Ben!

  2. Happy Birthday to a Divine Comedy alum. I bet he keeps you laughing.

  3. Happy Birthday to that wonderful husband of yours! It sounds like you got a definite keeper!

  4. Hooray for Ben! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!