Tuesday, February 13, 2007

a love note to my son

You sweet boy. That about sums it up. I could stop there.

Old enough for your personality to be shining out, small enough that no matter what I do, you love me. If you are hurt or sad, you might be grumpy, but you want me to be with you. If you are cheery and happy you still need me to play with you. You have yet to learn the trick that children have of hiding in the corner after doing something they know they shouldn't have, and so you greet me with grins and giggles when I find you pulled up at the toilet splashing in the water and dipping in toilet paper. Which is just gross.

You have a complete assurance that I will still be pleased with you, that I will still love you, No Matter What. And you are right. I will love you no matter what. I just wish it were always going to be this easy to show you that, to forgive you for unspooling the toilet paper, crinkling up and then eating that important list of things-to-do. Even for stuffing so much play-doh in your mouth that I shake as I try to clean it out of your mouth instead of pushing it further in. Don't you realize I could lose you over something as simple as that? You don't. You just know that squishy green stuff left on the floor looked interesting and you wanted to eat it. Can I blame you?

I can hardly imagine how you will grow up. But you will. You are my little boy. I try to look forward to the man you will become and I can't, at least right now. There will be things in your life I won't completely be able to relate to, that you will choose to talk to your dad about. Just guy stuff. And that's fine. Because there are things that you will want to talk to your mom about
, (some of it may even be guy stuff). I hope you learn that you can always talk to me, even when the day comes that you consider me just your mom.

Happy-go-lucky with life. You are delighted with your sisters. You adore your dad. But I know that you are in love with me. And I am in love with you, too.

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  1. Such beautiful words, I was so moved. You sum it all very well.