Friday, April 6, 2007

check that calendar again

I thought yesterday was Friday.

All day, even once I figured out it wasn't really Friday, I still tuned in to radio programs I listen to expecting to hear their Friday stuff and was constantly disappointed. Not only that, but the cantaloupes I bought had over-ripened under my very stuffed up nose and I had to throw two of them away. And the garbage folk had already come and hauled stuff away. Which is why I thought it was Friday, because they normally come on Friday, but since today is not just Friday, but Good Friday, I suppose they decided to come on Thursday instead. It's thrown me off. And now my smelly melons get to sit in the garbage until Monday. I hope the squirrels stay away. Did you know in New York they have some type of garbage collection almost every day? It's a funny thing. But convenient.

Okay, well, thanks. Just wanted to get a little whining out of the way so I can focus on getting ready for the weekend. Again.

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  1. my son said to me today that he thought today was Sunday!!