Saturday, April 7, 2007

it's the little things

My list of things that need to get done is slowly overwhelming me. Even the essentials like being a relatively decent human being to my family - it's slipping through the cracks.

My sister reminded me of the story of the husband who comes home after work one day to find the house in less than desirable condition and asks his pregnant wife what she did all day. To which she replies "Today I made a lung." And of course, once that is said everything else she could have done, and everything he did, fades into the background as, if not insignificant, at least to a distant second place.

I should say Ben is far less ignorant of my strained condition, and far more tactful and helpful than the above husband. It's me who needs the reminder. I can't say I enjoy my dimishing capability to do just about everything, except watch old episodes of The West Wing, but there is a very good reason for it.

At my most overwhelmed I'm not sure that the trade of a burgeoning body for one more little person to care for will be much of a switch as far as my energy level is concerned. But I know that isn't true. New little people bring with them far more joy than trying to pick up toys with the impediment of a huge ball you commonly refer to as your belly.

But until that switch is made if you need me I can probably most easily be found crawling on the floor taking care of what I can and trying not to look too pathetic.

P.S. In full disclosure, I should say I have some backup showing up soon. My (another) sis is coming for a few weeks to help out here at which point I may just permantly retire to the bed and Target alternately, and that will be Heaven. Or as close as I'm going to get in my current condition.


  1. I remember the exhaustion at the last weeks of pregnancy. Hope you rest up well!

  2. Yep, Target and bed. That sounds about right. Make some eyebrows this week. They take a lot less effort than the major organs.

  3. again, you just describe every inch of motherhood to a tee perfectly. i once heard a similar story of a husband coming home to a disheveled house and a wife in bed with a book and he asked the same question of her and she replied,"I just didn't do it today". That reply goes through my head many a day.

  4. When I was pregnant with my fourth, I had a day (probably many) where I didn't even leave my bedroom. My other children came in and out throughout the day as they needed things. And then when my husband came home from work, I was in the exact position as when he left, my response to him, "This one got away from me."

    By the way I got to your blog from Design mom.