Friday, April 20, 2007

odds & ends

Today at the doctor's office the nurse told me repeatedly I have a baby face. I don't. She was simply astonished, for the second time (we had a similar conversation a few months ago), that I am having my fourth baby. Alright. It feels a little back handed, but I'll take the compliment.

I find it utterly annoying when I have an email in my inbox and it ends up being from Yahoo travel or something like that. It's disappointing.

My son really likes to rock out to the Beach Boys and Carly Simon.

Ben and I celebrated our 83rd month wedding anniversary yesterday, because we are sentimental like that. Actually, he sent me an email and I replied, the actual contents regarding a few mundane things in our lives, but it was nice anyway.

Today was gorgeous, although I think I'm hitting a little spring time hay fever. Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to hit 70 degrees. Is it finally here at last?

Happy Weekend to you all.


  1. My grandpa is on his 3rd wife, and at age 90, he celebrates every "monthiversary". So sweet. Our time is all so short.

  2. I like Poem a Day for the same reason I like Good Poems.

    The collected poems are varied, memorable, and, for the most part, short.

    Its editors expressed a goal of having something short enough to memorize in a day.

  3. oh, that drive me nuts when people tell me I can't possibly have the kids I do because I look like a teenager. And it drives me even more nuts when I complain about it and people tell me I should be grateful because I'll look young forever.

    Oh, to be taken seriously.