Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Just a few quick things: First of all, thanks to Julie, who nominated me for the Thinking Blogger Award in March. It is somewhat ironic, however, because I have not been able to think past getting out of my pajamas for the past few weeks and therefore have not mentioned it, or bothered to figure out how to post the nifty button on my blog. But that was highly flattering. Thanks, Julie!

Second, if my brain were funtioning fully I would nominate some blogs as well, but you may have to wait until after my baby is born for that one, because things are just a little hazy right now.

Third, thank you to Gabby, a.k.a. Design Mom, for sending some traffic my way by having a blog button for me up
last week on her site. And to all of you stopping by, thanks!

And lastly, congrats to my sister Bethany and her former boyfriend/current fiance, Kip, on their engagement. Woohoo!


  1. sending you non-hazy vibes... :)

  2. I love Design Mom's stuff--when I grow up I want to be her.