Thursday, April 19, 2007

whatever on the brain

Lucy, from An Ordinary Mom, tagged me for an Obsession meme. I am supposed to list five things I am currently obsessed with. Given my current mental capacity, unable to maintain any obsession at this point because it requires too much of me, I am watering it down. And so, it is now my honor to present to you...

5 Preoccupations:
a list that may be full of incoherent ramblings by a somewhat intelligent, but slightly overwhelmed woman who is tired of feeling like her insides are dominated by a soccer ball, and whose children seem to be taking advantage of that fact.

1. My due date vs. the actual date. I spend a lot of time looking at the calendar and calculating. If this baby comes early like 2 of my 3 have, then I'm looking at mid-May. Perhaps, ironically, on Mother's Day. Or maybe, the Ides of May. (Is there such a thing?)

2. This thought as it passes through my brain is alternately relieving and terrifying.

3. A name. This child will need a name upon arrival. At least I've heard it's recommended. I'm having a hard time pinning anything down. With child #2 we didn't have a name until right before we left the hospital. While that worked, I'd prefer to not repeat it.

4. The waiting. (Which has no relation to the above three, although it sounds like it could.) At this point I am not really concerned with the outcome, I'd just like to know what the outcome is. (The cat was back last night, by the way).

5. Other ephemera that come in and out of my life, such as: chocolate, TWW, possible blog posts, strawberries, pestering control, good lines of poetry, an occassional nap, lemonade.


  1. All very good preoccupations! :)Here's hoping for the first available day in May and a brilliant name to accompany it! Best Wishes... Tiffany

  2. I think you are highly intelligent! Great list and I hope the baby comes soon (or more importantly when you are ready) and that a name will soon distill on you. Oh yeah, I hope your meowing feline also allows you to get some rest.