Monday, April 30, 2007

a little personality evaluation

I think almost every woman in the world who has read Pride and Prejudice would love to be compared to Elizabeth Bennet. Hey, I've taken those Jane Austen personality quizzes. I was happy when Elizabeth was the result.

Of course, it helps when doing those sorts of things to have a preference for Pemberly as opposed to, say, Northanger Abbey. Unless you are excessively fond of a cottage and that sends us somewhere else entirely.

Actually I'm not sure how much I am like Elizabeth except that, like her, I sometimes wish I were like Jane.
Jane is sort of the gentle, refined version incarnate of the Boy Scout Law. She is, like Nathanael of the New Testament, without guile. I'd like Jane's abililty to honestly think good of everybody until quite obviously being wrong, and then wish them better than they deserve without malice.

Not that I am malicious. I'm not. I'm analytical. But you get the drift.

I do confess to resonating with Elizabeth's comment that "There are few people whom I really love, and still fewer of whom I think well." But I am uncomfortable putting myself there completely. (Ah, maybe there is a little bit of Jane in me after all!) I think my feelings of a similar nature may be because like Mr. Darcy I often feel "
ill qualified to recommend myself to strangers". Far from a pity party, I agree with Elizabeth, whose retort is a valid one. One just needs to practice more.

Where is all this coming from? Mostly from airy fluff that floats around my brain. And the seed for a post on one's personality vs. one's blogging personality. It's an interesting idea, no? But we will save that for another day. Perhaps you will agree, there is nothing quite like a good book that allows for some self reflection.

But enough of that for now. It seems that this morning, I am the Darcys. But without the money.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog and just wanted to say hello from a fellow Jane Austen lover!

    According to the quiz, I'm an Emma. I'm afraid I do fight the tendency to be a bit of a snob and I do like to meddle, er, give advice, er... help others. ;)

    I, too, am hoping there's a Jane in here somewhere and that I can coax her out!

  2. I get the idea that Elizabeth is also more demanding on herself and therefore demanding of others. Those that can be less judgemental of self can give everyone else a break too. I think that is at the root of an "easy going" personality, a Jane personality if you will. And, it is more gracious and graceful, or atleast that personality seems to stumble less.

    Real personalities vs. blog personalities.... my feeling there is that it's easier for me, a total stranger (although introduced to your blog by family, Jenni & Mo) and nice to meet you, by the way... to come by here via the www and say hello than to ring up or drop over... It is easier to put a best foot forward... it is easier to keep feet out of mouths... as I type I can actually see how obnoxious I can be and delete.
    Love the post... read all the Jane Books last summer... seems like it's getting time to pick one up again. :)
    all the best... Tiffany