Tuesday, April 17, 2007

free verse

While Waiting For News About A Job

All last night a cat
lay yowling outside
my window.
Whether he is sad that I am
going, or that I will stay
I cannot tell.


  1. Do you have any idea when you'll find out? I hate waiting too.

  2. All last night sat a fire engine humming outside my window. So much for sleep.

    Any ideas where you might head?

  3. we just got through that. Those waiting days can be torture. Will cross my fingers for you.

  4. I have been there. Good luck.

  5. Very fun poem. Good luck with the job!

    So, I just checked out your profile and I have to say - I too do HR, and I too LOVE Waking Ned Devine. Could there be a funnier movie???? I also love Chronicles of Prydain and Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

    But, I think I posted here once or twice before, so I'm running the risk of having already said that...

  6. thanks, all, for your kind comments and support. I suppose someday we'll know. But then again...!