Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the difficulty and theory of two

Here's my son. The two year old. He's a sweet kid, so I have watched his transition into the behavior that is often classified with his current age with interest. Since he is my third child I think I've been a little more philosophical about his tantrums and outbursts.

But I've also thought about it more.

I think the difficulty is this: your body isn't quite where your brain is. You know certain things can be done. You know what you want. But either you lack the ability to do it yourself, or to explain what it is you want to someone else. BUT YOU KNOW IT CAN BE DONE!!! and so you throw yourself on the floor screaming, because if you know something is available, then the wise all-knowing adult should be able to figure that out.

Unless you don't want help. Which is also a characteristic of Two. Because you are learning that you can do it yourself! Oh the power! The possibilities! THE FREEDOM! The Terrible Freedom Right Before Your Eyes. Do you run towards it? Away from it? Wrestle in down and scream in it's ear because it's making life difficult for you at times?

The answer is yes. All of the above.

I have a theory than being a teenager is simply an extension of being two. I just hope some of that red-hatted sweetness shows its way through the utter difficulty of being, yet not being, an adult -- like it does now.


  1. I completely agree that two-year-olds and teenagers' brains are closely related!

    The tantrums just look different :) (or do they?)

    It must have something to do with the expectation that we can read their minds.

  2. I hypothesize that three year old little boys also fall into this same theory :) !!

  3. Oh you are so right!!

    I remember my 8 year old, crying hysterically in the kitchen, screaming at me because I simply did not, and could not, understand what he wanted. Then, when calm, he would be so upset that he did "something wrong" that he would work himself into a brand new crying hysteria, screaming "I don't know why I'm crying."

    And yes, the cuteness and the sweetness show thru, always will, even when their feet start stinking like horse s*it and they start slamming doors at our faces when they're teenagers.

  4. Oh my goodness - that's a Ben look.

  5. My very talkative 2 yr old seems to prove your theory true. Only things get rougher when she's too frustrated to remember the words that express what it is she needs or wants. Good thing, Mom knows best and takes over in those moments. I am often reminded of my relationship with God when I look at my 2 yr old. It's nice that He also knows best when I've lost the words to express myself.