Monday, July 14, 2008

and on past the Two

Yesterday my little blog turned two years old.

My son is two and so far his year has been characterized with a few tantrums, an explosion of language, some frustration as he realizes his limits, and a general all-around sweetness.

I'm not sure what this next year of blogging will bring. Of course I am always hoping for wild success and lots of money, but I'll settle for some good chocolate and some good comments.

In any case, I can probably guarantee a few tantrums; an explosion of language, if I'm lucky; maybe some frustration as I realize my limits; but hopefully, mostly a general all-around sweetness.

Thanks to all of you who stick around Bells On Their Toes, and here's to year three...


  1. Happy blog birthday! Wishing you very many more...keep it up. Please.

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! Wow, they grow up fast :) ... just like our little ones!