Sunday, July 20, 2008

to be sung to a tune

Come on now, every one! And the staph came back, the very next day. The staph came back! They thought it was a goner but the staph came back, it just couldn't stay away oh, no, no, no, no! Oh no! No, no, no, no!*

Did I tell you I had an allergic reaction to my sulfathamoxazole, or what ever antibiotic it was I was taking? I did. Half way through I broke out into spots. Which was fine. Except then I couldn't take an antibiotic, and my little leg sores flared up again, so now I am back on ANOTHER antibiotic. And I can only hope my body doesn't mind this one, because I am running out of antibiotics that my body likes. Also, I am getting tired of not being able to pursue the rigorous cleaning and mothering schedule to which I pretend to be accustomed.

The point is this: My current antibiotic fling requires round the clock attention. Two little blue pills every six hours and I can't lie down for half an hour after taking a dose. Why? I'm afraid to ask, so I don't know.

I got my evening dose a little later than usual tonight so now I'm up waiting for the clock to tick-tock away those minutes until I can take my blue meds, stand up for 30 minutes (okay, probably sit) and then go to bed.

I'm writing this so that you can feel sorry for me.

I guess I'll go drink an Izze and read Harry Potter because what else is there?

And yes, I did already finish the series for my summer reading marathon with the exception of Book 2 which I glanced through, but never really liked all that much and so didn't read, but Book 7 was so dang enjoyable I've been perusing through it again just for fun.

* The appropriate tune is, of course, to the song "The Cat Came Back" which you should have learned in elementary school.


  1. It's ok, I'll whine with you. I have similar antibiotic wows whenever I have to take them. I guess it does make me feel better that we live when w do or we'd probably be dead by now.

  2. SO sorry the staph came back.