Wednesday, July 16, 2008

wedding day report ~mother's version

The crazy woman in the minivan touching up her makeup at every stoplight yesterday? Yes, that was me. Of course, you only saw me, and not my three beautifully made up little girls. Oh, and my son, who had his pants on and nothing else.

We had woken him up from his nap and he was so tired and grumpy he refused to get dressed, so there he was with his blanket, in his black pants, with no socks or shoes or shirt or vest or bright red bow tie. I started to prep him on the way to our destination: my sister's reception. We were going to a party where he could wear his shoes that were like dad's! He could get dressed and see Nana! We could put on his clothes (!!!oh the excitement!!!) once we got there. How wonderful that would be.

By the time we pulled into the parking lot he was cheerful enough to allow me to get him dressed, but it stopped at the buttoning of the vest, and definitely no bow tie. Ah well, you can't have everything.

My children stayed up late, and my legs are sore from running around (that's literal) in heeled shoes that I usually don't wear. My baby came famished to the reception and ate three pieces of a delectable chocolate mouse pie. What's that you say? Too rich for a one year old? Not this one. Ben fed her while I wiped her mouth and hands occasionally with a baby wipe so that we could preserve the pristine quality of her little white dress. I've never been out-eaten at a reception by my baby before, so that was a first.

So ends the tired mother's report of a wedding day. The sister's report will be later. As far as today goes, I'm torn between taking it easy, which I should do, and cleaning my house, which I also should do. All those good things to choose from. My life is not easy.

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