Monday, July 7, 2008

A Year Ago Today

... I flew home from New York, watching Manhattan get smaller and smaller, the city laid out like a perfect map beneath me, Lady Liberty shining a light to whomever could see her. I was exhausted. My baby was 6 weeks old. I'd spent my fourth of July packing up and not going to a church picnic because our family no longer fit into our small car. I'd been living in a whirlwind, completely aware that I was going to regret not having enough time to adequately say goodbye.

Fast forward to this year. I'm exhausted again; from running around like crazy for showers and weddings and family pictures and just running around. And then trying to stay off my feet for things like staph infections. I can't believe it's been a year, because I find myself telling people we just moved from NY, when, in fact, it's been 12 months, which is a decent interval of time.

I don't miss the humidity. I miss the trees. I don't miss the inherent East Coast expense. I miss the history that sort of falls into your lap anytime you go out.

I'm sorry we weren't there a little bit longer, because I feel like I missed out on some possible friendships. It takes me a while to really make friends with someone; this, for a myriad of reasons I won't go into here; but some of it has to do with generally being an introvert, and spending most of my NY time pregnant.

That said, it's good to be out here, with Ben's job and family, etc., etc. I do like to live in a place where you can actually light your own little fireworks. There are plus and minuses to everything.

But here's to you New York. I hope to get back someday, if only for a nice visit.


  1. I can't believe it's already been a year! (I still miss you.)

    I'll probably feel the same way after we move back. But I, along with you, will never miss the humidity. NEVER! :)

  2. I'll be visiting here for a couple days in September. I'll tell the city you said hello!