Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a pox upon my house! no wait, I was just kidding!

I now have spots. Little red spots breaking out all over my arms and legs, etc. Hives, I believe. An allergic reaction to my antibiotic, I think. At least I hope so, I mean I was eating chocolate last night, and I guess that could be that, but that's so horrible we won't even go there, will we?

So now it's time to throw out the sulfamethoxazole, and take benedryl. Jolly. Have I ever told you I don't really like to take medicine except for the occassional tylenol? So much for that.

The benedryl did a decent job of knocking me out last night. I know this because my daughter was up all night throwing up, and it was her father, while battling an upset stomach himself, who stayed up with her, and not me. But I didn't take enough medicine. I took the lowest dose, hoping it would take care of things, but it did not, in fact my hives are worse. That's not really a surprise, because I noticed the rash just as it was showing up last night.

So now I am left with a conundrum: take more benedryl and leave my children and husband to their own devices? or take nothing until this evening and be itchy and allergic. I should have taken the heavier dose last night.

My baby seems to be getting over her own vomiting phase that has been going since Sunday. I just hope my other two children stay protected from their sister, but since she is the one who was born between them, they'll probably get it from her. I mean, people catch illnesses based on much less solid logic than that, don't they?

I really don't have time for this.

I hate being ill.


  1. Hives are horrible (I've had my fair share, and lets just say they don't look very good when you are wearing a swim suit in Mexico) but I think the Benadryl haze is worse. I reserve it only for the times when I can be knocked out.

  2. So you're saying if I take Benadryl every night I could train my husband to be the one dealing with vomit and nightmares and midnight-thirsties and crying babies? Hmmmm.

    Sorry about the pox. Here's hoping you all recover quickly and that there's no connection whatsoever with chocolate.

  3. I have the WORST skin allergies in the world - anything and everything gives me hives, blisters and terrible itching. Any exposure to the sun, even in the winter, for more than a few minutes without suscreen is enough to drive me insane - we're working on a regimen to try and get it under control (cortizone shots, antihistamine shots, oral antihistamines, corticosteroid ointments - enough of the worst stuff ever to knock me out for days!). but the only instant relief I get for the sun related hives are Aveeno's oatmeal satchets in lukewarm, sometimes cold, baths. Drugstores also have other Aveeno stuff - totally recommend them. I hate all my allergies with a passion. Hope you get relief soon.

  4. Ugh. I hope you and your family get feeling better soon. :(