Friday, March 2, 2007

it's the simple things

We've been keeping a lookout for a car that Ben can use to get to and from work. Something that runs, gets decent gas mileage, but far from fancy. It's amusing to see how people present their vehicles-for-sale. This morning while looking through some adds, Ben came across this little gem.

1991 honda accord BUY TODAY!!!! - $650

come see and buy the car today. great condition super clean. alot of miles but car does not run, needs new engine$650 must sell ASAP call me if u can come to see the car TODAY

Yes, a little gem of an ad, I should say. Not so much the car.


  1. My husband still drives the car we bought in 97 when we moved back up here after law school--a Ford Escort we bought from the mission office. Forget power locks and windows it doesn't even have a radio, but it runs great and we've no plans to trade it in yet--but who knows, it may die next month for all we know.

  2. very cute ad - any photos attached?