Saturday, March 31, 2007

a beach boys saga, a narrative in 11 songs

Eleven songs does limit the possibilities and I'm working off one CD. We could get really complex with our story line. Songs like "Let Him Run Wild" and "Wendy, What Went Wrong?" (so many W's, that's what went wrong), and "Don't Hurt My Little Sister" would all do nicely to round out a plot line. But without further ado I present to you the following for your listening pleasure (if you have the music) and amusment.

California Girls (an adolecent boy's fantasy)*
Be True to Your School (because High School is important)
I Get Around (the young man heads out into the world)
Surfin' U.S.A. (and like any normal guy, will surf the world, or something)
When I Grow Up To Be A Man (contemplation of the future)
Barbara Ann (Not to be confused with Barber Ann, though many do- the first true love)
Wouldn't It Be Nice (planning for a blissful future)
Help Me, Rhonda (I've been ditched and I need a rebound and you're good looking)
Surfer Girl (More true love. Is it with Rhonda?)
God Only Knows (what I'd do without you- the heart felt tribute for a possible happily ever after)
Good Vibrations (because that's how every Beach Boy saga should end)

* Insert any surfing or car song into this list at will. The story will still work.

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  1. We totally cleaned to the Beach Boys music too but I never connected it to a narrative of all major life events.

    I definitely confused it with Barber Ann. I also thought it said "The cab drivers know us and they leave us alone." in I Get Around.