Thursday, March 15, 2007

um...this is where the title goes

Ben made it home safe and sound, and seemed to have developed narcolepsy while he was away, because yesterday at different times I found him asleep on the floor downstairs, on the floor upstairs, in the chair, on the couch... well, he did spend all night on the plane. Actually for the two weeks before he left to Utah he was working very late and getting up very early. I for one, however, am shocked that a restful few days away from the family, filled with interviews with a myriad of people and teaching a class and giving a lecture would not have cured him from his sleep-deprived state.

Ben stayed at a Residence Inn while he was gone and when he called to tell me of the deluxe state of his dwelling the two most important conveniences were 1) the garbage disposal and 2) the (oh heaven) dishwasher. You know you live in New York when... We decided that the monthly cost would be approximately the same as what we pay for rent, plus free internet service! So I think our next move may be to a Residence Inn. If we're lucky, maybe we can find one with a pool. Also, then I wouldn't have to make the beds.

It's nice to have him home, because, kuddos to you single parents, I don't know how you do it. So he's a little tired, I'm little tired. The kids are a little grumpy because they expected yesterday to be sort of a "carnival with Dad" day and it wasn't quite that. But they did get to go to the park, and watch part of Annie for the first time! Miss Hannigan. Hmmm. Honestly, I'm not sure if my girls are too young for her, or not young enough.

I did get to go to Costco. By myself. Ben said to take my time, and so, dang it, I did. I walked slowly up and down the aisles. I considered buying sparkly colored pens I don't need (only $9.99 until March 18th!). I avoided buying ice cream in bulk and a Mariah Carey greatest hits CD. I was amused at all the older retirees who hang out at Costco on a weekday afternoon trying out all of the samples and then discussing their merits. Later on the phone with my mom I said how nice it had been. And she laughed and said you know it's sort of sad when it's the trip to Costco or Walmart alone that is the highlight of your day. She can say that because she has looked forward to those trips herself.

So there you go. I'm sure this was fascinating for you. I'm now going to see about e-filing my taxes.


  1. Until my kids are old enough to watch themselves, I think I will always gladly look forward to trips to Costco by myself ... unless it is on a Saturday afternoon.

    At this point in my life, I am grateful for my taxes and that the government finds it worth its while to pay me so much money while my husband is in grad school :)!!

  2. I had this exact experience--the traveling husband who comes home wasted--just the other week. I said the exact same things--what did he have to be tired about? After all, I'm the one who was ALL alone with the two little ones for four days and nights straight.

    He said traveling itself was exhausting. But, I will tell you this, if I ever get the chance to travel alone, I'm not staying up all night talking to relatives or whatever else. I'm locking myself somewhere where the sunlight can't get in and time doesn't exist. And in that place, I WILL SLEEP!

  3. Hey there! I'm new here, but just couldn't resist commenting on your description of Costco. I had never been before I met my husband, who thinks of Costco like Disneyland. He hopes to go there on the weekends just to be there. So, we spend a lot of time there, and its always the highlight of our day.

    Its great to meet you! I clicked over from mental tessarae because she described your posts just as I often wish mine would be. And I wasn't dissapointed - this is a great blog.