Saturday, March 31, 2007

got vacuum?

My son loves the vacuum. Really. He loves it. If he finds it left out he tries to push it around (impressive for some one just 12 months old and not quite walking) or he sits in front of it and cries until someone comes and, yes, vacuums. He will help keep this house clean. I just hope this affinity lasts through his teenage years and beyond.

And speaking of vacuums, 5 minutes for mom is giving away a Dyson Slim vacuum cleaner! Click on over and enter to win. Lovely, lovely.

Of course, I only entered for my son.


  1. I guess it's what 1 year olds love to do - my little prince loves it too - when we were in brisbane walking along the hotel corridor, he saw a big hotel vacuum just outside our door. He went to hug it but got upset because it was too big and he couldn't lift the hose!