Monday, March 19, 2007

why yes, I'll take it with a nice portion of guilt served up on the side

Oh to be a parent. Wait, I am a parent. Oh to be, not a perfect parent, but at least one who doesn't completely flip out at her kids when waking up from a nap only to find one child teasing, in brilliant, subtle, tormenting fashion, the other child to the point of tears, which only leads to that child banned to the outer-existences of the upstairs, a mother whose temper is out of control, an exhausted but guilty conscience and a really, really, long, run on sentence.

Sigh. Perfection just never comes soon enough.

1 comment:

  1. One way to handle the imperfection of parenting is to embrace it. Sure your child ended up banished for a bit, but look at the bigger are teaching him that his behavior isn't okay and there are consequences when he chooses to be mean to his sibling. (or anyone else for that matter.) Ultimately you are teaching him a life skill and doing it at home where he feels the most safe.
    I'm absolving mommy at a time. Today it was you!