Thursday, March 13, 2008


So. You know. You become a blogger. You get a few comments. And that's fun. Addicting, even. You check your email for a comment on your last post. You check it again. and again. Because, why? Because it's fun to get that validation. I have watched blogs of friends and seen their comments shoot into outer-space and I think wow. How do they do that?

I have a happy little readership. I know there are more who visit than comment. And that's fine. Though
I am not saying here, don't comment. Because really, I love it when you do. And I'm not saying that I hope no one new ever reads my blog, because that is entirely untrue. Or that I will never be a dot com, (which is always fun) because actually I have, just for fun- I just don't have it set up yet.

But I had a little epiphany this morning as I tripped around the blogosphere checking in on a few of my favorite people and then a few others, some very well known, in the blogger world anyway:
I don't want to be famous

So, if I never make a living off my blog, with thousands of people across the United States clamoring to meet me at some point in time, I can say, well that's just fine.

But if you like, I will be happy to send you an autographed copy of your favorite blog post of mine. For five dollars.


  1. I'll have to think about which of the many that I really love is my favorite.. Hhhmmmmmmmm. :)

  2. Ditto to your thoughts :) !! I like keeping blogging as an enjoyable hobby, and when it's not, I take a break!

  3. I read your blog everyday! It is one of my favorites. Keep them is great entertainment!
    (this is Cori from your days at Alpha and yes, I am still here)

  4. I love your blog! I check it every day to see what is going on in your world!!

  5. How long does "contented" take to reach?

  6. thanks, everybody.

    Hi, Cory!

    And TJ, almost 2 years...and then, sometimes it depends on the day! :)

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  8. k...lets try this again, and I'll proof read before posting this time.

    What I was trying to say was....I too am a regular on your blog, you don't know me, I simply spy in on your life and have a chuckle. Thanks for the good read.

  9. LOL Allysha! Your posts are worth a good 5 bucks, I'd say. ;)

  10. Thanks for the free entertainment. I really enjoy reading you blog too. I have to admit I haven't been by in a while and I almost feel guilty about putting my daughter down for an extra long nap just so I can sit and browse the entire month of march. It's been a busy month and great to be back.