Friday, March 21, 2008

hip, hip, hooray!

Last night something wonderful happened. We were getting everyone ready for bed. Our schedule was running a little late (or, we were running late on our schedule, or whatever) when suddenly some one rang our doorbell.

Now, this is not necessarily a rare occurrence, but it's not common either, especially after dinner time. So, of course we were wondering who in the world could be at our door at this important hour of sanity-survival? We're getting the kids to bed, please!

It was our friendly neighborhood girl scout. WITH COOKIES IN TOW! Five boxes of them. Lovely. Especially lovely, because, as I have stated before, I like New York, but was never able to track down where the girl scout cookies were kept. So this year we were especially excited about the prospect of GS cookies.

They won't last 48 hours. But it will be a good 48 hours.


  1. Yum! Have fun! And, have a wonderful Easter!

  2. oh i'm soooo jealous! i want gs cookies too!